DFWCARSHOWINFO GATHERINGS, EVENTS, and shows have the right to refuse registration to

ANYONE, anytime for any reason
you are more than welcome to be in a public place but you will not
Be permitted to enter as a PARTICIPANT.
Hold Harmless Agreement:

In consideration of the acceptance to participate, by execution of this entry form, I hereby release and discharge

Dfwcarshowinfo and their officers, employees, directors, agents, sponsors, any representativeand anyone connected to Dfwcarshowinfo car shows/events
From any and all known and/or unknown damages, injuries or losses, judgments and for claims from any cause that maybe suffered by any entrant, vendor, participant, or by stander to his or her person or property.
Furthermore each entrant expressly agrees to indemnify all the forgoing entities, firms, person/persons and bodies from any and all liability occasioning or resulting from the conduct of any entrant or vendor under the direction or control of entrant or vendor.
Further, I agree that any photo or video of myself and /or property as a result of this event maybe used for promotions and advertising. I further state that my vehicle is insured and complies with any and all Motor Vehicle Laws of the State of Texas or any other state I may be from.

Vendor Registration Form

Vendor Fees will be paid at time of event .

General Information

Simultaneous Burn Out Attempt brought to you by Dfwcarshowinfo.com
Event 12pm-? Pm……………Vendor setup 8am-10pm
Gates open to registration at 8am
Registration 8am-12pm…Vehicle line up starts at 1pm

Vendor space $200 for 10’x10’ with 1 vehicle pass
Vehicle pass’s $10 per vehicle
If you need electricity you must bring it!!