Dfwcarshowinfo Code of Conduct 

Pursuant to all Dfwcarshowinfo Events, Gatherings, Benefits and Charities 



Who breaks this Code of Conduct!!!

You are welcome to be at any public place outside the owned or leased or rented properties of the Dfwcarshowinfo event but you will not be entered in our event.

You will be notified verbally, immediately, and documentation will be noted on Dfwcarshowinfo Form.  HOLD HARMLESS AGREEMENT: In consideration of the acceptance to participate, by execution of Dfwcarshowinfo Participation Form, you release and discharge Dfwcarshowinfo (Bryan Zimmerman or any other person(s) working as an employee or under the direction of Bryan Zimmerman), and their officers, employees, agents, sponsors and representatives, and anyone else connected with the management, promotion or presentation of Dfwcarshowinfo parking lot car shows from any and all known and unknown damages, injuries or losses, judgments and for claims from any  cause that may be suffered by any entrant or vender, participant to his or her person/persons or property. Dfwcarshowinfo is not responsible for who wins or does NOT win an award or trophy as Dfwcarshowinfo Car Shows are Participation/Participant Voted events.  Further, each entrant or participant expressly agrees to indemnify all the forgoing entries, firms, persons and bodies from any and all liability occasioning or resulting from the conduct of any employee,

entrant or vendor under the direction or control of entrant or vendor.

Further, it is agreed than any photo or videos of you and/or your property as a result of a Dfwcarshowinfo Car Show event may be used promotionally.

When participating in a Dfwcarshowinfo car show event you are also agreeing that your vehicle(s) entered,
 Is insured and complies with the Motor Vehicle Laws of the State of Texas or any other state you may be from.

 SUSPENSION OR BANNING FROM Dfwcarshowinfo car show will be mandated to the following individual(s):  Anyone disruptive of awards presentation(s), disrespectful of other participant(s) or visitors (of any age), soliciting personal car show votes to excess, speaking negative of Dfwcarshowinfo car show at our events or other car show events in Texas or any other state/location, expressing continuing dissatisfaction of Dfwcarshowinfo car show Classes, Top 20’s, Top 30’s or any other form of event.  Anyone causing or joining-in a disruptive dispute or fight will be banned for life from any and all Dfwcarshowinfo car show event(s). These decisions will be determined solely by Dfwcarshowinfo (Bryan Zimmerman) principal owner, and will be effective upon immediate verbal notification and followed up by a written notification.
Any such decision(s) will be followed up by posting in our Records Book.


I the owner of Dfwcarshowinfo (Bryan Zimmerman) do not personally vote in any of Dfwcarshowinfo car show event(s) except to do the Dfwcarshowinfo Pick (which is the pick of the vehicle that is a registered entry that I like the best that day). The fair and honest results of Participation Voting will not be compromised or unfairly changed.(yes I am very aware of the car clubs that vote for just there members of their car club and with that being said there is no way for I myself or any employee of Dfwcarshowinfo to control the actions of other individuals)  It will be requested that anyone unhappy with a Dfwcarshowinfo participants tallied results or culmination of results from an Dfwcarshowinfo event please contact me directly as you are more than welcome to share your opinion(s) with me Bryan Zimmerman.  It is solely me, Bryan Zimmerman’s personal discretion that anyone not complying with this posted Dfwcarshowinfo Code of Conduct will be asked to leave the premises of said event(s).  And may be Banned for said day or depending on the circumstances may be banned for Life from any future event(s) held by Dfwcarshowinfo (Bryan Zimmerman)

Furthermore, anyone currently or formerly seeking, or filing a civil law suit naming Dfwcarshowinfo (Bryan Zimmerman) or any employee or any person(s) representing Dfwcarshowinfo or ANY OTHER Car Show Producer(s) or Promoter in the State of Texas
Is at the sole discretion of Dfwcarshowinfo (Bryan Zimmerman), will be banned for life from participating or attending or parking within the area of Dfwcarshowinfo event or sponsor’s property immediately prior to or during any Dfwcarshowinfo event. 

911 or the appropriate Law Enforcement Department and/or local Police Department will be contacted immediately to escort that person(s) off said premises. 

For all compliments and or complaints,please speak directly to

Bryan Zimmerman Owner of Dfwcarshowinfo
Or Email to Dfwcarshowinfo@yahoo.com

Thank you and God bless.

And let’s make all our future Car Show event a memorable occasion