Car Show Hosting


Option 1

A top 20 show ......... Consist of 23 awards

10 - Top 20    10 - Top 10    1 - Best of Show

1 - Managers pick    1 - Dfwcarshowinfo pick

This package is a 3 hour show

Option 2

A full show ...... Consist of 56 awards

24 - 1st place    24 - 2nd place

2-Best of Show Car , 2-Best of Show Truck

1-Best of Show Motorcycle

1-Outstanding Club Participation

1-Manager's Pick

1-Dfwcarshowinfo Pick

This package is a 4 hour show

Option 3

A custom show designed to fit your liking.

I am here to help you promote your business by hosting a Car Show at your location.

What I do is advertise your event thru social media, email marketing

and flyer's at other events going on thru out the metroplex.

Your (event) car show will be posted on my website

and other websites that advertise events in the metroplex 

This will promote your business and your car show event.

There are several options for you to choose from or

I can custom tailor a car show to your liking .